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After 8 delicious weeks, it’s time for the semi-final!


Since the start of August, we’ve been drooling in front of the TV over the sight of signature cakes, technical biscuits and showstopping pastries. Sadly, next week it all comes to an end, as Mary and Paul announce the winner of the 2015 Great British Bake Off!

Bake off t-shirt

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Although we’re rooting for Tamal and Flora, we’ve got no idea who’ll be in the final, but needless to say, we’re excited.


At Dressdown, we’ve caught the baking bug BADLY. At any one given time, there will be a homemade brownie, muffin or cake somewhere in the office! We’ve got cake on the brain so much so, that we’re offering 15% on all of our baking t-shirts, when you use the discount code CAKE15!

If you’re a star baker, then check out our HUGE range of new baking t-shirts and hoodies!

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