Superhero Stuff

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“But now I’m free. There are no strings on me…” Pinnochio lyrics have never been more terrifying! Over at DressDown, we’ve all just boarded the Avengers hype train! Have you seen the new trailer for The Avengers: Age of Ultron? If not, click this link, and prepare to get excited. In May 2015, the ultimate Marvel… Read more »

5 people that kicked-ass this weekend

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The weekend has ended; and we’re not happy about it! It’s grey and wet outside, the need for coffee has risen, and it took God-like powers to get out of bed. It can only be a Monday. The biggest question is, “did you have an awesome weekend?” If you didn’t, don’t worry too much, because… Read more »

Soggy Bottoms, Bake Offs, and Baking T Shirts

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Last night, the lord and lady of British baking named the successor to The Great British Bake Off championship title. That’s right, ‘Fancy’ Nancy Birtwhistle bested her fellow bakers to become the 2014 winner, in our favourite season yet. This year gave us some  Super Signatures, Tricky Technicals, and Spectacular Showstoppers. 3D biscuit scenes, triple-tiered… Read more »

Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer Reactions

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World Premiere of First Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer The First Guardians of the Galaxy trailer was released on the 18th of Feb. The Latest Marvel comic book series turned feature film should be in cinemas August 2014. The intergalactic Sci/Fi adventure film looks big budget, funny and completely crazy, featuring a talking tree and… Read more »