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superheroblog“But now I’m free. There are no strings on me…”

Pinnochio lyrics have never been more terrifying! Over at DressDown, we’ve all just boarded the Avengers hype train!

Have you seen the new trailer for The Avengers: Age of Ultron? If not, click this link, and prepare to get excited. In May 2015, the ultimate Marvel team are back in action for the biggest movie yet. Nick Fury’s band of badass heroes are back, and taking on the ultimate killing machine; Ultron.

For over a decade we’ve been seeing more and more superheroes blockbusters on the big screen, and no matter how much destruction and despair Ultron brings next year, we’re pretty sure he won’t impact the future of the box-office.


Click here for a nerdgasm!

The awesome infographic on your right (via Reddit), shows that we’ve got a minimum of 33 SUPERHERO MOVIES coming our way over the next 6 years.

Marvel studios alone will be producing 10 movies, which are expected to tie into the Avengers later down the line.

After the success for Man of Steel, it appears that DC Comics will be going head-to-head with Marvel, with a whopping 11 comic book movies being produced before the end of the decade.

DC’s first blockbuster team-up will see Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman in the same movie in Dawn of Justice, with a Justice League superfilm pencilled in for 2017!

With Agents of Shield, and Gotham being a critical TV success, the future is looking bright for Superheroes.

Although we can’t provide super powers, we can provide super t-shirts. Check out our range of Marvel and DC inspired clothing, including Spiderman, XMEN, GOTG, and Avengers t shirts and hoodies.

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The weekend has ended; and we’re not happy about it!

It’s grey and wet outside, the need for coffee has risen, and it took God-like powers to get out of bed. It can only be a Monday. The biggest question is, did you have an awesome weekend?If you didn’t, don’t worry too much, because these 5 people made up for it!


1. Doctor Who Kicked Ass

At DressDown, we are massive fans of Doctor Who, but Season 8 has been a bit hit and miss.

Episodes like ‘Listen’ have made our hair stand on end, and hide behind cushions in true Doctor Who fashion. Whereas stuff like ‘Kill the Moon’ has killed our vibe.

So this week we get to see Doctor Who being bad-ass on a train, in space, tackling a technologically advanced mummy that can kill you in 66 seconds. He even became friends with Frank Skinner. Top Stuff!


2. Nico Rosberg Kicked Ass

What a flight... - via Instagram

via Instagram

With only three races left to go before the end of the season, things have been heating up in Formula 1.

Have you ever driven over 200mph, poured champagne over your head, and shaken hands with Vladimir Putin? Despite not winning in Russia this weekend, Nico Rosberg did all this and more; coming in second place at the debut Grand Prix in Sochi.

He then went on to have one of the most epic-looking flights imaginable with some of his F1 rivals.



via ITV

via ITV

3. Andrea Faustini Kicked Ass

The X-Factor has kicked off in a big way this year, with some incredible performances.

As this weekends theme was Number One Hits, we got to hear some of the world’s most memorable tunes… and some performances we’d prefer to forget.

Blonde Electra were one of the latter, singing a song that was not a number one. Thankfully, they will never be seen again.

But one person blew our minds. Andrea Faustini gave us one of the greatest versions of Earth Song we’ve ever heard. Not only that, but the guy’s got the wildest choice of clothes. He could teach us a couple of things.



via Imgur

4. Some Guy on Reddit Kicked Ass

Imagine going to a hotel in the middle of nowhere. You’re not too bothered about leaving your room, so you order a bit of room service. There’s a Steak Special on the menu for $20, you order it and not expect too much.

But then you receive this…

Looking like it’s cut from a Minotaur, this ribeye steak caught the eye of a lot of people online. For around £12.50, we can understand why.


5. Rick Grimes Kicked Ass

The Walking Dead started back up this weekend (in America at least), and it was awesome. Deputy Rick Grimes is back to kicking some zombie ass in the post-apocalyptic world. We don’t want to spoil anything for you, so tune in tonight a 9pm on FOX!


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Last night, the lord and lady of British baking named the successor to The Great British Bake Off championship title.

That’s right, ‘Fancy’ Nancy Birtwhistle bested her fellow bakers to become the 2014 winner, in our favourite season yet.

This year gave us some  Super Signatures, Tricky Technicals, and Spectacular Showstoppers. 3D biscuit scenes, triple-tiered pies, and delicious donuts were all on the menu in Season 5, giving the country an appetite for baking.

At DressDown, we’ve caught Bake Off fever in a big way, and were gripped since episode one. From the highly controversial Alaska/BinGate, to the playful smut of Mel and Sue, Series 5 has had us glued to our telly. In fact, we’ve enjoyed it that much that we’ve created an entire range of baking inspired clothing, for those who don’t want a soggy bottom in the kitchen.

Whether you’re making beautiful battenburgs, or burnt butterfly buns, we’ve got a range of baking t shirts and hoodies for all aspiring Star Bakers. To make our products a little sweeter, we’re offering 15% discount across our entire range of clothing when you use code BAKEOFF14.

Great British Bake Off T-Shirts

 Funny Baking T Shirts

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Last week we ran our Tag a Mother competition, it’s been the most successful competition to date with over 160 comments and hundreds of Mums’ names entered.

Our 5 pairs of winners are as follows:

Sian Hallewell who tagged Samantha Hallewell

Jacqueline Jax Roberts who tagged Louise Kat Whittaker

Vanessa Cook who tagged Laura Bohanan

Kez Mary who tagged Laksh Mailapalli

Tracey R Ashburn who tagged Kathy Grant

Congratulations to the 10 winners above, we will be messaging you shortly with codes to claim your Free T-Shirts at

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Airraid Clothing have been celebrating the arrival of their newest attribute, a sign outside their work unit.

Confused postmen are a thing of the past with this innovative visual communication from the company.

Only 9 months at Kiln Farm, Milton Keynes and the sign is already up, this is truly a marvel of industrial planning and communication.

New Sign

We’ve just launched our latest competition, visit Our Facebook Page and tag your friends in the image for your chance to win a free T-Shirt each.

Terms and Conditions:

Tag a great mum for a chance to enter our competition.

Tag as many great mums you think deserve a free T-shirt for Mother’s Day. There is no limit to the amount of friends you can tag.

There are 10 free T-shirts to give away, with a design of your choosing.

Winners are chosen at random.

The winners who tag a friend and the mum who has been tagged will receive one T-shirt of their choosing each.

The winners get to choose from a wide verity of designs from

Competition Ends Sunday 30th March 2014, winners will be announced on Monday 31st March.

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We are pleased to announce the winner of this week’s caption competition is Dressdown Fan Alex Wenham


“OMG man the banana was like THISSSSSS big”

If you didn’t win this time don’t worry we will be giving away more T-Shirts in next week’s competition. In the meantime checkout some of our Funny T-shirts

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World Premiere of First Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer

The First Guardians of the Galaxy trailer was released on the 18th of Feb. The Latest Marvel comic book series turned feature film should be in cinemas August 2014.

The intergalactic Sci/Fi adventure film looks big budget, funny and completely crazy, featuring a talking tree and raccoon.

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5 Reasons You Should Be Watching Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones, the medieval fantasy epic is now in it’s 4th season which starts on 6th April 2014. If you haven’t seen the program, where have you been?!? (It’s averaging 9.5/10 on IMDB which is pretty good)

Set in the fictional world of Westeros, the fictional universe features feuding families struggling for power which is echoed with the onset of a physical winter. This all coincides with the return of fabled dragons and magic.

Let’s look at the top 5 reasons why you should get on the bandwagon and watch the amazing, epic, romantic, action-packed, funny, intelligent, thrilling and mysterious fantasy drama:

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Happy new year to all T-Shirt lovers wherever you may be. We hope you all had far too much turkey, too many mulled wines and most importantly put a smile on a loved ones face with a T-Shirt from Dressdown. Lets welcome in 2014 by reviewing 2013 and looking ahead to the year ahead. Read more »