About Us

About us

We are DressDown.co.uk, your one-stop shop for funny, retro and TV inspired clothing. Since 2009, we've been providing the world with 1000's of unique t-shirt, hoodie and babygrow designs, as well as creating personalised garments for a smorgasbord of clients.

Whether it's a Game of Thrones inspired hoodie for yourself, a Doctor Who style babygrow for a little one, or a One Direction t-shirt for that guy who's probably a little too old; we can help. If you're looking for something custom for an event, please feel free to get in touch. We've provided all sorts of personalised t-shirts, from the smallest stag do, to massive corporate events.

We are currently based in the Roundabout Homeland of Milton Keynes, fully equipped with state-of-the-art printing technology. If you'd like to sample our work, or just want a chat and a cuppa, feel free to pop by.

If you'd like to discuss more about our t-shirt printing services, please get in touch :

Tel: 01908 305030

Email: sales@dtguk.com


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